Thursday, March 16, 2006


Until last summer I kept a personal journal and wrote every single day. Today I was reading through some of my old ones and it brought back a lot of memories. Do any of you journal? When I was doing it I kept telling myself that writing down what I did every day and how I felt about different things, would be such a great thing to have when I got older. Writing it out usually made me feel better if I was mad about something, or more down-to-earth if something happened that made me really happy. Reading some of what I wrote today makes me want to start journaling again and I might, but I don't know for sure.

Anyway, I had a weird habit of writing out the lyrics to the songs I liked in my journal. This is one of the songs I had written out part of the words.

Song of the post:
"Everything you want" by Vertical Horizon

Quote of the post:
"The loudness of your voice does not win an argument." - My Dad

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Nathaniel said...

I kept a journal when we were in Ireland in the summer of 1995, but I've never done so otherwise. However, since I blog every day about my daily life, you might consider Mín Englisc Blog to be a journal.

Andrew said...

I used to write in a journel when we went on long vacations, and it's fun to go back and read them, even though it's hard not to notice how much my grammer needed help back but it's still fun to review them.

Abby said...

I have kept a journal for years and years and I don't think I'll ever stop. Even though I don't always write in it, I write enough to document my life and it IS interesting to re-read. It's encouraging to see that I am growing up. lol. :P

Restored...... said...

i have journaled a little in the past but it is very time consuming! lol and by the way i really like vertical horizons!! they were one of the first rock groups i ever listened too!

SaraY said...

That quote from your dad is hilarious.... I journal off and on. Right now is definitely on! There are times I would go crazy if I couldn't write it all out! Of course sometimes I go crazy despite the journal...;-)

Charity said...

I love the quote!! And I wish I had kept my old diary... I've been keeping a journal lately, but I haven't written in it every day.