Thursday, March 09, 2006

Go the Distance!

I cannot even explain how much I hate running. But this year I got signed up for the mini marathon in May and so I'm going to have to start training. Swimming is almost over for short-course season, and when we don't have any practices anymore then I'm going to to try run everyday. There's a 15k on April 15th that I'm going to run. Mrs. Edwards is going to get a group together to start running, but if anybody wants to run with me besides that I love to. I definitely run better with other people then I do by myself.

Tomorrow I'm going to see an opera called "the Marriage of Figaro" at Butler. Has anybody heard of this or seen it? My mom says its very good. Anyway, after I see it, I'll be sure to post about it.

Quote of the post:
"Doors don't slam open" - Unknown

Song of the post:
"Fix you" by Coldplay


Michael said...

Heard of it, but I've not seen "The Marriage of Figaro."

Nathan said...

It's kind of like a Mozart-ian soap opera. Eh, soap opera - no pun intended.

Charity said...

I hope you do well in your training!! I hate running, too..but I've been sort of trying to do it lately. I run better with people, too. That's why I drag my sisters along! :-) I wish I could run with you. :'(


Nathaniel said...

About all that I know is that it's a classic Mozart opera in Italian.

Sal_et_lucis said...

I didn't know that you were running the Mini!!! I have tried to get out to train, but the weather has just been nasty lately. Hopefully, that will change soon!!