Saturday, March 11, 2006


Today I spent six hours at my church helping clean. The majority of the time I scrubbed the floor in the women's bathroom because the grout that was originally white was a brownish color. It didn't really look that bad until you realized that brown was not the original color. After about three hours of scrubbing, and the bathroom looked completely transformed, we let it dry and sealed it. Hopefully the sealer will keep the grout from changing colors for at least another 10 years. :) Savannah took pictures of us as we scrubbed, so if she e-mails them to me I'll post them. We were definitely having a party in the bathroom! :)

Last night before we went to the opera, my mom and I went to a Thai restaurant. Its called Thai Cafe, and it's in Broadripple. Its small, but completely adorable. The menu is really cool, because any dish you order you can choose the level of hotness - one through five - that you want. I absolutely love Asian food! Anyway, I recommend it to everybody! The prices are very reasonable, the service is good and the food is delicious!

Quote of the post:
"Austin: Where are you going?
Sam: I'm late.
Austin: For what?
Sam: Reality."
- A Cinderella Story

Song of the post:
"Crawling back to you" - Backstreet Boys


LeeAnn said...

Hey beautiful, I can't believe you scrubbed for that long! That's very impressive.

Asian food has an interesting taste and it is very good indeed. I've only been to Broadripple at most 3 times in my life. I should try going again sometime. Love you!

Nathaniel said...

What level of heat did you eat?

Andrew said...

ha,that's cool! i wish i could choose a level of "hotness" in my favorite restarants...

Nathan said...

This would be the place where I could say something like, "I wish I could choose the level of hotness of things other than just my food at a restaurant", but people might find it not funny, so I won't. Or, um, I just did...

SaraY said...

Nathan! Tsk tsk. That *was* funny though.