Tuesday, June 29, 2004


I have been so busy this week.
I feel like I'm almost always at the pool, which in some ways is nice and someways in really anoying. And because most of the time I'm swimming it can get quite boring. But if you read my blog, which actually I haven't told anyone I have one yet, you don't want to hear about how boring my life is, but about the exciting parts.
On the 3, church is have a 4th of July get-together fellowship thingy at the Owens Farm. My family is camping out over night the 2nd, which I am so very not excited, because when ever my family goes camping.... it ends up not being so very fun. :( I think you get the point?
And I need to go,

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Blogs I read.

I read so many different peoples blogs:
Allen's - http:// ali-babau.blogspot.com
Charity's - http:// athleticallychallengedgurl.blogspot.com
Anna's - http:// apulliam.blogspot.com
Lukee's - http:// lukeee07.blogspot.com
Becca's - http:// daughteroftheking.blogspot.com
Shannon's - http:// shannonkoons.blogspot.com
Jerimiah's - http:// jdragz.blogspot.com
Ashley's - http:// gigglebox55.blogspot.com
David's - http:// davidpulliam.blogspot.com
Amber's - http:// amberwheeler.blogspot.com
Josh Bright's - http:// swimming_upstream.blogspto.com
Sarah's - http:// spulliam.blogspot.com
Actually not as many as Daivid does, but still. This might not be all of them, but if I forgot someone I will remember and post them later.
Anyway, Allen's party was soooooo much fun. :)I swam though it was freezing and Zachary and I were having somesort of weird conversation about dunking people, so then he dunked me and after that I got out. :) I rode with Alissa and I was going to ride back to her house and my mom would pick me up there, but when I called my mom to tell her that we were leaving the Blackwood's house she told me I was spending the night at Alissa's I looked at Alissa and said "I am" and then she said "You are" It was quite funny. :) So we ended up staying up till like 1:30 - 2:00.
Then last night I went to Conner prairie for the symphony on the prairie because Zachary and Allen were working and they got free tickets. Anyway Becca, Hayley and I kept messing with Allen's phone, by like taking tons of pictures with it of us. It was tons of fun and we ate tons of junk food and afterwards played on the playground which was really fun since all of us are way over 12 (especially Allen) and we were going to go to steak and shake but Laura who was my ride home, said no that we couldn't go so we didn't.
Anyway sorry this is so long,

Thursday, June 24, 2004


I am really excited about Allen's party. It's on Friday night at his house from like 4 - 10:30. :)I think we are going to see the second ECHO trip come home, but I think it's all mixed up right now (like what we're doing) so I'm really not sure. I'm taking two side dishes... I'm not exactly sure what they'll be right now. And I hope to wear matching shirts with Bethany and Haley Fisher. :)
So I'm taking work off - actually just getting Jessica Young to take my hours - Thursday, Friday and Saturday since I hope be going with the Blackwood's (again) to the symphony on the prairie at Conner prairie. I need to stop hanging up the phone line.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Baby Ducks

This has to be somewhat short.
Today I went to Gus swim team and there was a mother and her five baby ducks in the pool. We like, tried to get them out almost half of practice. There was even one life guard who got in and tried to catch them. Finally we caught all the babies and put them in this crate and let them go outside of the pool area. Then the mom flew out of the pool and they were reunited. :) It was quite cute.
I now have to go babysit my neighbors from 1 - 2:30 then swim from 3 - 4:30 then work from 5-8. On Friday we are having a ECHO get-together at the Blackwood's house and I am really excited.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

I got a blog!

I am so very happy. I have wanted to get a blog for a while, but my mom wasn't quite sure she wanted me to get one. But she finally said yes. And though I am very busy, I want to try to write at least 4 days a week if not more. Considering how much I'm on e-mail that won't be very hard.
Today I went to Gus swim team at 9:30 and taught the little swimmers till 10:30 then went and swam with the team from 10:30 to 11:15. I was planning on going to Rivi swim team this afternoon but we're not having it, due to the fact that most of the team just got back from an Ohio meet. I am going to work at 5 though. I work in the Rivi locker-room from 5-8, Monday through Saturday. It's not the most exciting job, basically I sit there and make sure people who are 21 don't go in the 21 and over showers and mop at the end. So I get to sit there, read and listen to music.
So that's about all I've done today and all I'm going to write,