Monday, March 20, 2006

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Spanish has been canceled. Tomorrow will be a snowday if the heavens decided to bless us. I'm looking forward to curling up by the fire with a book and a blanket. I haven't driven in the snow yet, that I might be my adventure of tomorrow. Who knows?

Quote of the post:
"I can put on a happy face for the world, but the world can't put on a happy face for me." - Unknown

Song of the post:
"No bravery" by James Blunt


Nathan said...

James Blunt your new fav. artist?

Ellie said...

Yes. :)

Charity said...

I like the quote. It's very true... I love the idea of curling in front of the fire with a book when it's snowing outside. But i just can't imagine doing that right now. *pant pant* It's HOT here!