Monday, March 06, 2006

Brownsugar Cinnamon Poptarts

I'm not usually a picky eater, but I only like one kind of poptart. Brownsugar Cinnamon without the icing. My mom got some when she went shopping today, I just ate two. I usually set them upside down for 30 seconds in the microwave and then eat them with a glass of milk. Did you know that each pastry has 210 calories? But, I'm not feeling guilty because this past weekend was a divisional swim meet.

It was held at Noblesville highschool. It was a really long meet because the prelims were in the morning and the finals were at night, meaning I had to swim twice. I placed in the 200 breast and got a medal for seventh place.

I'm really excited because my Mom ordered me sheet music. We ordered "100 years", "Incomplete" and "Wake me up when September ends." I don't know how well I'll be able to play the music, but hopefully between Ruth and I we'll have fun with vocals and piano! :)

Quote of the post:
"Sometimes we do not do things we want to do so that others will not know we want to do them." - Ivy Walker

Song of the post:
"100 years" by Five for Fighting


Charity said...

Hmm...good quote. Sorry I didn't call you AGAIN today! Agghh! We had to go on this dumb "fieldtrip" homeschool thing. It was incredible boring.

I'm not too fond of poptarts myself... but I think my favorite kind is cherry. With the icing. :-)

Hopefully we'll talk tomorrow! I HATE THE TIME DIFFERENCE!!!!!

Ohhh I love sheet music. I reallly want to order some. Oh and you and Ruth still need to make me a CD and send it over! Puh-leez?! ;-) Love you!

Charity said...

You think you can copy the music and send it to me? ;-) hehe.

Michael said...

Those are my favorites-with the icing usually. do you get the icing off?