Friday, June 10, 2005


Hello People!
I'm guessing that nobody reads this right now, because all the people who read my blog are here with me on this ECHO trip. Anyway those few people who do read my blog will probably appreciate my updation.
Yesterday after lunch it started raining, for a while we waited in the new shop until the rain wasn't as hard, after a while my group - Grace, Mary R, Zachary, Nanthaniel and I - weeded with Lyndsi. It poured and so by the time we were done we were soaked! :) We got done with work early and some people were using a tarp as a slip-and-slide, but I had a headache so I went and took a shower. After dinner Danny organized a square dance. He had music and we all danced and danced. It was really fun, but by the time we were done we were all really hot and sweaty. I think that should be a tradition that every year we square dance at least once. We all went back to the church and had ice cream, and I called my mom. I miss you mom!!! :)
Today its still raining and so all the interns had to think up jobs for us to do inside, Grace, Haley, Micah and I are cleaning the seed bank. And as were were cleaning off the counters I decided to see if I could hack into the computer - legally! :) Anyway Grace wants a turn on the computer, so I better get off!
I love you all and miss you terribly!


SaraY said...

See you soon!
It feels like you guys have been gone forever!!!!!

Daniel C said...