Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Have you ever been so tired, but you can't go to sleep because you might sleep too long, or because its the middle of the day you might not be tired when it comes time to really be tired? That's how I feel right now.

1 four-hundred freestyle
1 three-hundred IM
1 three-hundred Pull

10 one hundreds freestyle

4 three hundreds pull

10 fifties - your worst stroke
400 IM - all out
10 fifties - all freestyle
400 IM - all out
10 fifties - your best stroke

200 warm down

Now I know that's probably confusing to people who don't swim, but let me explain a couple things. In our outside pool a 100 is 2 lengths of the pool, down and back. In our inside pool a 100 is 4 lengths of the pool down and back, down and back. So if you feel like doing math you could figure out exactly how many lengths we swam. I just don't feel like engaging my brain in something that complicated at the moment. And that's about all for this post.


Nathaniel said...

I didn't bother to check how many laps you did, but I do know that you swam a total of 5,700 metres. How far is that in English measurements? 220,000 inches, or 19,000 feet, or 6,200 yards, or 3.5 miles!

Andrew said...

ok, i was going to do the math but i figured if Nathaniel had posted your first comment then why bother!!! Well anyway i did swim 2 miles once and that was plenty!!!! And about sleep,I definitely know what you mean, i have felt just like that before (such as, during a b-ball game, I actually almost fell asleep that time!)

Charity said...

Wow, Ellie! You're so athletic! *sigh* I don't understand that at all...but it sounds hard! ;-)

We really need to do should come to MY house and swim! Maybe a bunch of ECHO people can sometime.
I love you! :-)