Monday, June 06, 2005


ECHO rocks!!!! :)
We've been here since Friday night, and today was the first day of work. In the morning I power washed these trailers, the best part was when I killed a bunch of fire ants with the hose thingy. In the afternoon I worked with Zachary, Bekah, Heather, Beth, Mary R, Mr. Blackwood and two interns, Laura and Rachel. We weeded the area. It was really hot, but Rachel was really nice and turned on the sprinklers for a little while. Tonight we are going to Walmart, I am really excited because we haven't been allowed to get out at the gas stations, and the only place where I bought something was McDonald's. Anyway Mr. Blackwood has been doing devotions in Ephesians, its been really good and this morning we all put our hands up and said to the best of our ability we weren't going to lie today. You can pray for our team that
1) We will all work hard
2) Have good attitudes
3) To be sensible
I love you all and I miss you bunches and bunches!!! :)


Daniel C said...

That sounds like TONS of fun!!!

SaraY said...

Miss you :-(!! It's getting hot here...the pool is waiting for ya!