Monday, June 27, 2005


Is anyone certified in CPR?
Tonight was in-service; we have it once a week to review our rescuing skills and to go over situations that happened during the week. We have one at 6:30 and then one again at 8 for the people who were on duty. I was the victim in the 6:30 one - it was really fun. I got to jump in and be a passive drowning victim, someone would rescue me and then they would use the backboard to pull me out of the water. At 8, I was one of the rescuers and Michelle, Danny and I did CPR on Jeremy. I'm glad we review it every week because if we didn't I'm sure I would forget what to do in a real emergency.
Quote of the post:
"The formula for water is H2O. Is the formula for an ice cube H2O squared?"
-Lily Tomlin


Nathaniel said...

I've been CPR-certified for nearly two years.
I don't think I'd like being the victim. I don't mind swimming or treading in deep water, but it would freak me out to be in deep water and not be allowed to do the smart thing :-)
I wish I'd been able to get Lifesaving merit badge; it used to be required for every Eagle, but now it's either that or Emergency Preparedness. I can't swim well enough to have gotten Lifesaving.

Charity said...

Pretending to drown sounds fun! When we were younger, we weren't allowed to yell 'help' while in our pool. My parents didn't want us to act like we were drowning unless we truely were!

Love you.

Andrew said...

I wuz sort of certified for cpr a while ago but i doubt it is "official" anymore.
I was a victim once for a test and that was kinda interesting, it took all i could do not to crack up in the middle of the whole thing (considering i was only like 10) but anyway I prolly shoud get certified again just to make sure.
OH and if H2O is the formuala for water I would think it would be H20 cubed for and ice cube (considering that it is a cube and.....)