Friday, June 24, 2005

A Child's Dream

I sit and wonder at my window,
Will the moon show full and bright,
Will my dreams come true,
Will we dance on the moon?
I sit and wonder at my window,
Are you coming to take me away,
Are there places to go for love,
Are there fantasies that come true?
I sit and wonder at my window,
Knowing that some will come,
And some will go to a place,
A place where I can not go.
So the moon so bright,that's fading fast,
Don't be long, I'll see you again.

-Monica Kay Sleeper

I'm falling asleep as I type - today has been really nice and relaxing. I went to practice this morning, read all afternoon, and then babysat this absolutely adorable little boy all evening. Right now I can really feel this mornings practice, I think I must have done something to my shoulder because its kinda painful. Anyway - Goodnight, Sleep tight, Don't let the bed bugs bite...

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Nick said...

That's good. I can't wait to catch up with people back at home.