Saturday, July 16, 2005


Hello people!
The thunder is rumbling outside, like it has been for the past several hours or so, its so amazing. The weather has been so random recently, one minute is sunny and then it suddenly gets cloudy and it pours down rain and after it stops it becomes extremely hot and humid. Right now that's not happening though, its just raining, and I did my absolutely amazing thing again - I jumped on the trampoline in the rain. You should all try it.

Anyway today I woke up and Mom took me to the bank, I put most of my check in my account, but I cashed some of it. We stopped at Target on the way home; I bought a new boom-box and a pink wallet. My mom wanted to get her hair trimmed so we stopped and I decided to get mine done too, it doesn't look that different but it feels better. :) Tomorrow is our church luncheon, so my brothers and I helped set up all the tables at church, and when we came home I made two pies for it. Oh, and about 2 this afternoon our power went out, a tree apparently fell on the wire, so we didn't have power till 5 at least. And then I babysat this evening, and I had to update before I went to bed, so that's about it. Luv and miss you all!!!

Question of the post:
What is your view on wives taking their husbands name when they get married?

Quote of the post:
The heart of a fool is in his mouth, but the mouth of a wise man is in his heart.
-Benjamin Franklin


Nathaniel said...

I'm sorry you've been feeling so sad lately — perhaps people's return from Covfamikoi will help. Maybe you could ask someone for notes from Dr. Prutow's Sunday morning sermon? His title was a wonderful reminder that, by itself, may help you: "Our God Reigns!"

About name change: It's definitely more convenient (my Scoutmaster's wife didn't change her name, and it's rather inconvenient), but I don't view it as absolutely necessary. I would quite prefer my wife to be Mrs. Pockras.

Charity said...

I love when it's stormy! It makes me wonder how anyone can miss the awesomeness of God!

About the wives thing...hmm...well I've always thought that taking the husband's name was good because it shows submission in a way..well I gotta go eat. I'll put more later.

Elizabeth said...

i got a's called go comment if you want to be nice!!!!