Sunday, July 03, 2005

Hello -

Here's an overview of my weekend:
Friday -
I didn't have to work, but I went to swim team from 6:30 - 9:30. Then went out to breakfast at the Illinois Street Emporium and hung out at Rivi till about 11:30. I came home and slept for an hour, then went back to Rivi to pick up my pay-check! My mom and I went to the bank and cashed it, and on the way home we stopped and got drinks for symphony on the prairie. I took a shower and got ready, and then my mom decided that her, Daniel and Jessica were going to come too. We got there early and so we walked around the village with Bekah. It was really fun, until certain people started yelling at us on the phone *cough* Allen *cough*. J/k. we walked back over and found them, then most of us walked back to the cars to get all the food, we rode the trailer thing back... and then the bottom of this back broke. We were all laughing, and Allen ate all the chips off the ground. :) Somewhere in the middle of this we found out that they were giving away free starbucks shots, we all had a lot and I personally had like 15. They were really good! :) More people got there… and we played volley-ball and rolled down this hill. I got dared to see if I could summersault up the hill, and I did. Then the concert started. I have to admit, I didn’t really listen to very much of the concert, I was talking and dancing. Some people *cough* Zachary *cough* Nathan *cough*, wouldn’t come dance with us. We watched the cannon’s go off and then the fireworks. It was really fun, I wanna go again!  I also received an awesome CD from Andrew; it’s him playing the piano. I’ve listened to it several times since I came home, and actually I’m listening to it right now!  We didn’t get home till like 11:30, so I read and then went to bed.

Saturday –
I slept in till like 10:30 – which if you consider what time I usually get up, that’s pretty late! Anyway, Philip and I went to Kast-a-ways with my mom. I bought a new suit, cap and goggles. Philip bought flippers. Then I went to work, and Daddy took me out to dinner afterwards. I read till 11:11… kissed my knee and went to bed.

And that’s my weekend. This afternoon about 4, Beth Long and I are going to work on picture posters, I was asked to also make an ECHO one, so we’ll be working on that. I wish I knew what was going on tomorrow. I’m supposed to work from 1-5, and I don’t think I can get out of it, so I don’t think I’ll be going to the Owen’s, but we’ll see. Anyway this has turned out kinda long – so here’s my quote:

Quote of the Post:
It was, perhaps, one of those cases in which advice is good or bad only as the event decides. -Jane Austen


Nathaniel said...

Sounds like you had a great time! It's good (finally, after two days!) to see an account of this. I would have liked to have gone, but it was obviously impossible. By the way, what music was played?
10:30 is late for me — and I usually go to bed after midnight!

SaraY said...

Hey I'm glad you had fun at SOP! I went Saturday and it was great. The 4th of July ones are the best because of the cannons and fireworks. Although the swing dancing ones aren't bad either :-). Honestly, what are we going to do with Zachary??!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, glad you had as much fun as i did, i got back to my house at 1:30 am, cuz we had some problems (it's sorta a long story) ok, so i got up at like 10-ish so your not the only one.

And Nathaniel, i was playing music that i composed (and actually one is in memory of ECHO!! )and some other random stuff.

anyway gotta go shoot some fireworks!

Andrew said...

Actually the post above is me cuz i sorta forgot to put my name in the box thing (I think my mind is telling me i need some sleep).

Nathaniel said...

Well, Andrew, I meant "what did the symphony play?" But that's interesting; I had the impression that the music you played was just some pieces out of somebody's book, not your own work.

Nathan said...

Yo, Symphony on the Prairie was da bomb. I had tons of fun even as I enjoyed the entire concert from the confines of my seat.

elliott said...

hi i got on eof these blog things lol even though im still alittle confused i've managed to put a SECOND POST!! wow that was hard work but i will just c u later

LeeAnn said...

wow, been a while since I've's terribible. well...I agree that SOTP was a blast!! I really wanna go next year. rolling down (and up) the hill with ya was fun. oh and so was dancing...hehe. hope you had a wonderful 4th of July!! you should hear what I love you ellie!!!!!!
plus: andrews cd rocks! it's so prettiful!! heh.