Monday, July 18, 2005

Margaret Posted by Picasa


Nathaniel said...

By the suggestion of Allen, I have decided to put up a picture link to anyone who wants one. For you whose photographs I posted two days ago, I'll use that photograph unless either (1) you want it to be removed, or (2) you provide a different one. I welcome photos for posting, but there are a few rules I'd like to follow:
• First of all, I will not post picture links without the person's permission in writing. Both comments and email will work.
• I want to use vertical pictures in mostly the same proportions. If you want me to use your picture, I'd like to check its shape and proportions first.
• I want pictures that are more-or-less portraits. This doesn't mean professionally-done pictures (although those would be fine), just something along the lines of what I posted two days ago.

Thanks for letting me do this!

Charity said...

aw! I'm gonna miss her. I always said she was the cutest!!

Kathryn said...

Awww, so cute!!!

Abby said...

She is so adorable!! A stray kitten just showed up at our house and she is so cute too. I luv cats!!

Jessica said...