Monday, July 25, 2005

100th Post!

I know in my profile it doesn't say that this is my 100th post, but it really is. I've had my blog for over a year - I got it when I came back from ECHO last year. I know I haven't been very faithful, but I am glad I got one and I'm glad all my friends have them too! :) Its such a good way to keep up with everybody I don't see often.

Today it was really hot at the pool, the temperature is like 93, but the humitity is like 105 or so someone told me. I think I got slightly burnt, but there were several people who got worse then me. Its quite surprising how tired you get from just sitting out in the sun all day. Whenever someone wasn't in a chair, my boss had them walk around with cups of water, and right now I'm thanking God for air-conditioning. :)

Thanx to Nathan for the music - I couldn't figure out how to put the media player on my blog, and he did it for me! Now I just have to figure out how to change the song, but I don't think that will be too hard!

Quote of the post:
"The pool is a great place to be on a hot day, unless your a lifeguard."
-Michelle Viehmann, a fellow lifeguard

Song of the post:
"Unusually Unusual" by Lonestar


Nathaniel said...

I really am thankful for blogging: it enables me to keep up with people whom I don't see frequently. Moreover, I've met people like Katie and Brenda through blogging. Plus, since I'm leaving for college in four weeks, blogging will be even more important, since I'll be able to see people even less frequently, and I'll probably have less time for IM.

Nathaniel said...

And sorry that I wasn't able to help you with the music.

Jeremiah said...

FYI: Michelle Viehmann is my cousin.

Charity said...

I love blogging, too! And I'm definitely thankful for air conditioning. They let us off really early from detasseling today, though - 10:30!! It was really nice. And we don't have it tomorrow. Yaysers. hehe. Anyways...we might try to see a movie tomorrow. Are you working? Call me sometime! Love you!

Andrew said...

Impressive! (maybe i should get a blog...........

Tamara Rose said...

hey! just thought i would say hi! and thanks for the commment. even if it was short. lol well hope to see you soon.