Wednesday, November 16, 2005


It was snowing this morning! I was sitting in the car and I could see the snowflakes coming down on the windshield and then melting. They were so pretty and it made today much less depressing. Some days I absolutely love storms and gray days... but this morning it was so cold, I got my coat out and I was shivering. I love winter - don't get me wrong, but its much nicer when its cold and sunny.

Right now I am writing a paper about Odysseus for Worldview. (technically I am updating my blog, but I'm also writing the paper.) While I'm on the subject of school if you guys could remember me in your prayers because I have alot of school to get done right now and I'm not being very constructive. I am also somewhat depressed because of something else in my life right now, so I'd appreciate the prayers!

Quote of the post:
"We gather strength from sadness and from pain Each time we die we learn to live again."
-Source Unknown

Song of the post:
"So Cold" by Breaking Benjamin


SaraY said...

I love Breaking Benjamin! Yes, it was *freezing* this morning! I was out walking at 7:20 because I had class at 7:30...I am SO glad I don't have any 7:30s next semester!

I will pray for ya Ellie! I'll be home soon!! :-)

Restored...... said...

ROCK ON!!!! FREAKN LOVE BREAKING BENJAMIN!!!!! ;-) good talkin to ya. ya i HATE this weather!!!

Nathan said...

THe music video for this song is quite cool - a bit cold (ha, for a song "So Cold", makes sense doesn't it?) but interesting. Not just a lame-o run-o'-the-mill type.

Charity said...

Yes it is freeeeeeezing! We're going to have a fun fun time raking tomorrow! :-P

Haha Odysseus, huh? What an interesting guy. I've learned plenty about him lately...


Nathaniel said...

Yeah, we had snow yesterday morning...I had some while walking to Bible, and there was quite a bit while I was walking back. Thankfully, there was no real accumulation.
However, on the way to breakfast this morning, I noticed ice out in front of College Hill RP.