Saturday, November 19, 2005


Yo extremamente cansado.

I don't even know if that makes any sense. Its supposed to say that I am extremely tired. The past couple days have been really busy and I am really looking forward to having a couple days off for Thanksgiving. But it won't really be that much of a break because I still have Spanish on Tuesday. Anyway this is boring, so I'll tell you about my weekend.

Friday afternoon was worldview and right after that, Grace, Beth, Ruth, Danny and I went back to Noah Judd's house for a game night. It was a lot of fun, we played imagine-if, scatories and bolderdash. Unfortunately all the girls had to leave at 6 because Ruth and I were going down to the Blackwood's and Grace and Beth wanted a ride home.

Once we were at the Blackwood's we got to see their rooms and then we went down to the basement and watched "signs" and "raise your voice". It was fun, we had a bit of screaming and I think we made "signs" a lot scarier then it really is. We went upstairs around 12:34 and went to sleep around 1:15. I was pretty tired.

Saturday morning - we had chocolate chip pancakes and bacon. Yummy! :) Then we got dressed and Mrs. Blackwood drove us to deals and to goodwill. Charity and I tried on so many outfits, most of them were hideous and/or too small, short, tight or big. We took pictures and I think Charity said she was going to put them on her blog/xanga, I would like to put them on mine, but Maria has my camera at the moment.

We went to McDonald's for lunch and then straight to the Southside church were I got to see some of my friends who go to Southside. My mom drove Ruth and I back up to Northside, but we didn't get to go to any of the leaf rake. :-( I was so tired after I made two pies and so I took a nap in the afternoon, then I just hung out on the computer listening to music and went to bed.

Today was our church luncheon. The food was really good and Ruth and I got to practice her songs. I really wish some of my lyrics had music at the moment. I really want to sing some of the stuff I wrote, but when I try to sit at the piano and write a tune it turns out awful. I am not very talented musically.

Question of the post:
Which is worse?
Getting your tongue stuck on a pole
Getting your head stuck in a bucket

Song of the post:
"Listen to your heart" by DHT


Nathaniel said...

Pole worse.

Charity said...

They both sound terrible. But the pole would probabaly be worse.

Hehe yeah we realized we had your camera when we got back to the church after raking. Sorry! I'll try to put some of the pictures on my blog/xanga as soon as Maria gets them on the computer. She might do it today. Don't worry, I'll only put SOME Of them! ;-) I showed them to Emily Humphreys yesterday and she thought they were pretty funny!

Anyway... I'm soo glad you guys got to come! It was so much fun! Hope to see you before too long!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other two that the Pole would be worse. Sorry that I stole your camera, I will send you the pics from my camera, but at the moment it is not here, charity is going to put them up as soon as I put them on the computer which I will try to do soon. I had a blast with you guys last weekend. luv ya

SaraY said...

Pole!!! See you in a bit Ellie! One exam and one class period to go and I'm outta here! Don't get me wrong...I love Purdue...but it is totally time for a break!

Ellie said...

I just noticed this, but it says that I posted this on Saturday, when I really posted it on Sunday.

Jessica said...

the pole is definately worse.