Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Last night my mom picked up "Captivating" from the library for me. You might have heard of "Wild at Heart" for guys, well Captivating is for girls - about how to unveil the mystery of a women's soul. One thing I absolutely love is that Stasi quotes movies, books and poems. She uses examples of Aragorn and Arwen, as well as examples of real people who have real problems like us. But in the end she (and her husband John) bring it all back to the Bible and God. I've only had time to read a small section of it, but I already love it and I recommend it to everyone, even the guys.

Quote of the post:
"I will find you. No matter how long it takes, no matter how far - I will find you." - Nathaniel to Cora in The Last of the Mohicans

Song of the post:
"Cry" by Mandy Moore from a Walk to Remember


Charity said...

I'll have to check out that book sometime - it sounds really good! :-) That quote is adorable. *sigh* hehe.

Hey I need to call you sometime soon so we can talk about the upcoming weekend! Maria and I have another thing to add to our plans... I'll letcha know ASAP! Hopefully you'll be home tonight 'cause I think I'm gonna give you a call!

Abby said...

I was just looking at that book today and trying to decide whether or not to get it!

Charity said...

I love this song, by the way!!

We are really having trouble getting a hold of eachother, aren't we?? Hehe oh well, I'll see you on Sunday if nothing else! I hope you're having a good day. I love you!

Ronald said...

cool book. I want to get it. can share it with me please?

Ellie said...

Ronald, do I know you? I'm sorry but I just don't remember!

anyway... I don't mind sharing the book except that it doesn't belong to be, but to the library! I'd be willing to lend it to you if you returned it for me.. ?

bek said...

Ellie... go to mine and Sara's blogs.. Ronald has visited us too, cept he was mean to sara. Urgh!! Its kinda funny if you think about it

Ronald said...

thanks Ellie! it seems you are much nicer than Bec! But yeah i will return it for you.

Ellie said...

Another problem has come up... I can't give it to you unless I know who you are and where you live or where I'll see you... ?

Restored...... said...

HI!!!! its been 4ever since i have visited anyones blogs so i am making my rounds today....if "Captivating" is anything like "Wild at Heart" it will be excellent!!!
Peace ~ Dave :-)