Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Lost and lonely,
Separtated from my only
Happy existence.
Cold inside, the warmth fading.
My heart left hating
This distance.
No longer knowing how
To continue now
With this wretched feeling.
Torn in two,
Depressed and blue.
The layers of my soul peeling.
I wish I was in a dark hole,
Hiding away like a mole.
Wanting to disappear forever.
Needing some relief,
Needing to believe
Things could be the same.



Laura said...

aw I hope you are really not feeling like that

LeeAnn said...

ellie, that sounds so depressing...I need to call you.

Nick said...

WEll, sorry for taking you off my links. Well when I changed the template, it took away my links but I'll try to put you back on:):)