Saturday, May 28, 2005

Odd Things About Me

1. I write in my journal every day - I haven't missed one day all year

2. I love rain

3. I love taking cold showers

4. I love singing so much that sometimes I sing until my voice is gone

5. I can shop for hours and hours for nothing at all

6. I once had a crush on my cousin

7. I once kissed a toad

8. I love my bed and my pillow

9. I could be a very content mermaid

5 Days till I leave for ECHO!!!!! :)


SaraY said...

I love rain too, as long it's not disrupting something or so hard that it's destroying stuff. And yes, too bad you can't be a mermaid...:-)

Anonymous said...

Interesting...although I'm not so sure all of those are odd. I mean, is it really odd to love rain? If it is, then almost everyone I know is odd.

Hey, I love my bed and my pillow, too. Especially my pillow! Yay for pillows!

I love you!


Charity said...

I tried keeping a journal/diary when I was like 11, but I tore it up and threw it had some interesting things in I love cold showers after running or biking. I love singing, but I've never sung until my voice was gone. We should try that at ECHO! hehe. Oh I can totally do number five!! And LOL you know about me and number six...we discussed that...hehe. Umm...I've never kissed a toad, but I'm hoping to kiss a frog someday just to see what happens. Who doesn't love their bed and pillow!? I couldn't be a mermaid cuz I wouldn't be comfortable wearing nothin' but fins and shells! hehe.

I love you and I am sooo nervous/excited about ECHO!

WE should kiss frogs!