Saturday, October 30, 2004

Swim Meet!!

Well, it wasn't very much like I thought it would be. First I didn't have any events on Friday night, I had to be there for warm-ups at 5:00pm so it was okay. Today my mom was working in hospitality, so we had to be at the Nat at 6:15. Warm-ups were fine, you know its kinda funny we swim more in warm-ups then we'll swim in the whole meet! Anyway my first event was the 200 free, I was in the very first heat after warm-ups which I guess was a good thing. I wasn't very excited, and I almost cried before I started. I was worried that I would be swimming the last lap all by myself, but I got 2nd in my heat and got a 2:34:04, which isn't bad, but I swim that fast when I don't dive in, and by the way my dive was fine.
My second event was the 50 Free. I was more excited this time, because I now knew I wasn't as bad as I thought. I got first in my heat!!!! My time was 30:13, and I got 24th overall in the whole meet! I'm happy. I know that doesn't sound all so very good, but there are kids there who swim their 50 free in like 24 seconds, so I placed reasonably well.
My third event the 200 breast was okay. My breakstroke has some problems, my head goes up and down too much,( if you ask me I can show you what I do wrong. ) Anyway I got 4th in my heat, and everybody told me that was good because it was the first time I had ever swam it. Therese (my coach) said I looked good, little too much head motion, and my first hundered was fast then my second, and its supposed to be the other way around. So I'm fine with that - I have stuff to work on.
And my last 4 events are scheduled for tomorrow morning, and I'm just going to scratch. If they were in the afternoon I could still go, but I'd totally miss morning service, and I don't want to put swimming first in my life. It's a hard decision, but my parents agree.
Now, I'm sure to all you people who don't swim that sounds very boring, but I really don't have anything else to post about. I should re-tital my blog: How I swim or Swim News, etc.!!!
I'm going to the hayride at the Koss's tonight. I don't know how long I want to stay. I'm really tired. I might come for dinner and then go home!
That's it!!


Charity said...

Hey Ellie,

Good job on your swim meet! I am convinced I could NEVER do that...or at least would probably never attempt! I think it's great that you have so much self-discipline, though. And I'm glad that you stayed for a long time at the hayride. That was fun even if I did sneeze my head off at the end! Oh and thanks again for the use of your sweatshirt...AGAIN! :-D

Luv ya,

PS I was sooo exhausted after the hayride...and HUNGRY! Cuz I didn't eat ANYTHING! Next time I try that...force me to eat, ok!? ;-)

Jessica said...

Congrats on your swimming!

Anonymous said...

You need to update:)

Jessica said...

Good grief, Ellie, you so totally need to update! I haven't been on the internet for like a month, and your blog is still EXACTLY THE SAME AS LAST TIME I WAS HERE!!!!!!

Jessica said...


Ellie said...

Who was "ME"??????

Anonymous said...


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