Monday, October 25, 2004

I'm so busy!!

This past week end I went to Southfield Michigan with my Fall Ministry Team. I had so much fun. Our team was led by David and June Whitla. We had 7 guys,
Luke Long
Jay Neel
Kevin Fulk
Jason Sprou
Joel Edwards
Daniel Sturm
and Andrew Doerr, and 5 girls,
Charity Blackwood
Ellen Edwards
Laurie Filson
Alissa Magnuson
and Me!!! :)...
all of who drove up in the Long's big 15 passenger van. That was intresting, we only had fifteen seats and there was all of us, and then we all had sleeping bags and pillows plus all our junk. All the girls stayed at the Porter's house, and the guys split up and stayed at two other people's houses.
We worked at a older lady named Esther's House fixing it up so she could have an old peoples home in her house. I worked with Kaie Porter building these steps out of brick. And I'm not going to go over all the rest of the stuff we did because it might start being boring.
I think for our trip being in the car for 5+ hours helped us get to know each other better before we got there. I had so much fun with Charity and Ellen when we dyed our eyebrows blue in the car on the way home! :)
I think one highlight of the trip was when Scott Porter got out his guitar on Saturday night and played for us. You should all visit his blog at: .Charity and I both think he should make a CD!

This Friday and Saturday I have a big Rivi swim meet, and I'm not all that excited. I got the e-mail saying what I was swimming today,:
200 Free
50 Free
200 Breast
100 Free
200 IM
100 Breast
100 Fly
I know I've said this before, but I'll say it again, I can't dive off a block. I'm not worried about the swimming part of this meet, but I'm worried about me making a fool of myself when I dive off. You can pray that I can find sometime to work on dives before Friday.

And that's all I have to say, two busy weekends in a row, pretty much summed up in this post. The End.


Anonymous said...

Hey on the subject of Southfield, MI...if you want to c some pictures go to


Charity said...

Haha that was soooo fun!!!! DID YOU GET MY EMAIL!?!

Anonymous said...

haha - i'm sad i missed out on the blue eyebrow fiasco! It was fun getting to know you all! Also...whats up with the kissing pictures :o
-Maggie (the old one)

Ellie said...

Okay, the kissing. We weren't actually kissing. We were eating licorice (sp) who ever backed off first lost. :) It's a really fun game!!!!

Anna said...

YOu are so lucky that you get to do 7 events! I wish we could do more.

Stacey said...

Hi Ellie! I be praying for you on Friday. Have fun!

A long time ago you commented on my blog about my knight in shining armor. There is a picture up now if you want to see him!!!