Monday, November 29, 2004


Well, I know its been a while and I'm sorry, but no matter how much I wanted to post, my computer wouldn't let me post! It kept performing this "illegal operation" everytime I tried to go to the blogger website. I hope before Christmas we will get a new computer and then get like high speed internet so I can do this much faster and more often. Now that I've actually posted, I am going to do some work on the rest of my blog!

Question of the day:
Do you like country music?
If you do who is your favorite group or singer?


Brad said...

How'd you post?
George Strait or Alan Jackson:)
SBC will usually have DSL deals for their internet around Christmas. Anything less than $26 a month is pretty good.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE country music! Emerson Drive and Dierks Bentley! OOOooo but the list could go on!

Alyssa said...

Yes Ellie I love country!!

Martina McBride and George Strait!!

SaraY said...

thanx to amber I occasionally do listen to country. the only CD I have tho is Martina McBride--she's cool! I just figured out what one of her songs is about. It's about this woman who has a nasty reputation and she's getting married, and all the gossips can't believe she'd wear a white dress to get married bc she's so impure. But her finacee doesn't care bc he loves her so much. And duh-- it's really about God and how His Bride, the Church is pure in His eyes no matter what they've done! well g2g ttyl

Charity said...

Yes!! Martina's great, I must agree! But so are so many others that I don't want to name right now...;-)