Tuesday, October 12, 2004

What happened yesterday!!!

Yesterday was almost the best evening of my life! I went downtown to sing at Conceco. I've been down there every night since Thurday, (except Sunday) singing the national anthums for the National Swimming chamipionships! So it was the last night of the swimming, and the USA swimmers were throwing shirts to people so my eveing started out by me catching one! The swimming was really cool, there were several world records set, and then it was bascially over. We were supposed to get dismissed at 10:05 pm, but the closing cermiony's were going on and everybody wanted to stay and watch the sincro swimmers.
Then I saw Jen, non of the people that read my blog know her, but she is Andrew's swim coach, and she and I are really good friends. Anyway she had been working down there, and was like, right there with the swimmers, like Jenny Thompson asked to borrow her comb. So I saw her coming towards me with Brendon Hansen. Now for those of you out there who really don't follow swimming you will have no idea who he was, ( don't feel bad, my mom didn't even know.) She started calling my name and I stood up and was like "Jen" she told me to come down, and this is the best part, Brenden gave me his flowers!!!!! Now if you don't know what that means I'll explain. When an athletic wins a metal, they recieve their metal, ( gold, silver or bronze ) and flowers. Sometimes, ( like at the olympics ) the flowers are in the shape of a crown, but here at the swimming championships it's just a boquet. You have no idea how excited and happy I was to recieve his flowers. The worst part is that our choir was leaving right after I got them, and I had to go so I didn't get to get his autograph.
After we got out in the hall, everybody in my choir wanted to know why I got a shirt and a boquet, and they wanted to know how I knew Jen, etc., but I was too excited to talk!
Walking out I saw some of my friends from Rivi and they said they would trade their autographs for the boquet, but I'm going to save it until I get my own!
Got to go!!! :)
ps. If I spelled stuff wrong I'm sooooooo sorry I'm in a hudge hurry!


Brad said...

Cool. Sounds like fun.

Anna said...

Ohh my goodness I can't believe he gave you flowers!! Now I want to be in a choir!! But then again... I have a really bad voice and I hate singing, hehe. :)

Charity said...

Wow, that's REALLY cool! :)

bek said...

That really cool!!!
Check out my blog sometime.


Ellie said...

Yes, I had so much fun, and when I asked Jen if I said Thank you ( because I couldn't remember ) she said that I said it like 10 times. And after I left, she told Brenden that he made my year, and I agree. That made my year!!! :)

Anonymous said...

that sounds like a fun time!
sounds like you had a blast singing to...

Edwin Allen Henry said...

Wow Ellie - That is spectacular!!!
I wish I could've had the experience to do as you did... ;) So, I didn't know (or else I knew and had forgotten - sorry if I did - 'tis one of the effects of old age!) that you sang with the ICC!
Well, you owe me a comment (or2) on me blog, k???!!!???!!! ;) *or at least a view!*

Love In Christ, Allen