Sunday, October 22, 2006

Assiduous Week

- Was sick and got better
- Almost got my car towed
- Attended the preview day at Marian College
- Enjoyed lunch out with my best friend two times
- Had a wonderful time sitting in Starbucks and chatting with Becca
- Discussed deep theological issues in Worldview
- Served guests at a rehearsal dinner for a wedding
- Got "startled" at the Children's Museum's haunted house with my dad
- Took the PSAT at North Central
- Timed my siblings as they ran around monument circle
- Sang Caro Mio Ben with Ursula in my voice lesson
- Agreed to work 5:30-8:30am three mornings next week


~katie~ said...

that sounds fun will at least better then me all i did all weeked was watch 6 movies now thats fun lol love you lot ~katie~

Charity said...

ELLIE! I miss you. We need to talk sometime!! Like. Tomorrow. We shall see.


Becca said...

crazy girl

SaraY said...

"Startled" hmmm? ;-)

How are you liking voice lessons?

Nathaniel said...

I guess it makes sense that you're a

Lyndsi said...

Hey ellie! Sounds like alot in 1 week!!
Althogh it sounds fun!!
Luv ya!