Monday, November 27, 2006


How do you pronounce this word?

My mom and I are having a debate.

I think its more like ca-BA-ta, but somehow that doesn't seem right.

It's actually a type of roll. Stone Baked Artisan Bread. Square, a little on the hard side, something you would eat with a meal rather than by itself.


Shannon Koons said...

Chee-ya-ba-ta. Ci in Italian makes a "ch" sound. Like, "Ciao, See you Wednesday!" :)

Ellie said...

Thank You! And I'll see you Wednesday! :D

Charity said...

lol, i have no idea. shannon is right, i think. you need to update more, my dear!! i love you.

SaraY said...

I say it sha-BA-ta. It's good :-)

Andrew said...

*shrugs shoulders*

*feels that input in discussion would be next to worthless*

...considering i misspronounce words I can actually recognize...



Nathaniel said...

It's hard to give pronunciation for sounds we don't exactly have in English :-) The way I've heard it is as Shannon said, with two exceptions:
• The first three letters form a diphthong, meaning that they're said together (almost as one vowel), not two syllables
• Emphasis is placed on the BA syllable which also is longer — you rush through the other syllables, especially the first, but you have more of a BAAAA on the second.
On the other hand, Oxford says that you're supposed to have emphasis on the first syllable.

Hopefully this comment wasn't too long and boring :-)

Nathaniel said...

Correction: Oxford wants second-syllable emphasis.

Repeat comment about longwindedness :-)

Lyndsi said...

Hey Girl, Don't ask me...I would of pronounced it the way sarah does!
Love Ya

Anonymous said...

cha ba ta

Anonymous said...

last few days our group held a similar talk about this subject and you point out something we have not covered yet, appreciate that.

- Laura