Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Top 10 Reasons to Write

10. To become a wealthy author
9. To impress a certain guy or girl
8. To compose creative excuses
7. To fill up your notebook
6. To be different
5. To become a better thinker and learner
4. To share your experiences and ideas
3. To improve your performance in school
2. To get you ready for the next step
1. To help you shape a meaningful life

:) I found this in a writing book that belongs to my brother. I thought it was cute!


Charity said...

I think I will add this to my quote book. I love writing.

And I love talking to you And Ruth!!! (hehe suuch fun.. 'cept it's hard to leave a comment when you guys are talking about breakfast and spagetti and stuff!)

love you~

Becca said...

There has to be more to it than that. :P

Daniel Ritchie said...

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SaraY said...

I'll take number 8, 6, 5, ummm///3 and 1!!

Love you Ellie!!!!!! See you next weekend!!

Nathaniel said...

11. To fulfil school assignments.
12. To fulfil more school assignments.
13. To fulfil yet more school assignments.

ben? said...

hmm. I am again proved a dork, never wanting to write anything. Perhaps it has something to do with nathaniel's 11-~ above (which was hilarious but true).

Andrew said...

hmm, i like the idea of writing...it's just the actual writing part of it that gets difficult...lol!
the sad part it is that #11 is pretty much all the writing i do...heh

Charity said...

haha, Nathaniel!


Ritardo said...

write on.

abby said...

lol, I like that!!

Lyndsi said...

Love the list! Love #4 and #7

Leon said...

My good reason to write is putting down my ideas down on paper, so that my brain wouldn't go every all at once. Plus, it helps me to organize my thoughts.