Monday, October 02, 2006


This past weekend was our CYUP Fall Ministry Project. It started Friday night at seven with a quiz mostly to break the ice, give us something to do and get to know each other. I found myself signing for being on a swim team, getting up before six o'clock and having a cat. We then went outside and split into two teams, each of us with a number. Joel Hart called our numbers and we played human tick-tac-toe, by choosing which square we wanted to stand in. Next, we played a game were three groups of us stood in a circle holding hands with a hoola-hoop. We had to get the hoola-hoop all the way around the circle without letting go. Both games were fun!!

Back inside, we sat in the santuary, sang Psalms and then Pastor Rich Holdeman spoke about making good decisions. Having the proper goal, using the tools God has given us, having the proper attitude and embracing responsibility were just a few of his points. Then James Fairs announced where each of us would be going to serve. My team to the Lafayette camp, included: Ruth, Luke, Ollie, Julia, Trevor and Lyndsi.

I slept at Pastor Johnston's house, staying up till around one o'clock talking and then waking up at 5:45 am to get ready to go. We ate breakfast, packed our lunches and were in the car to Lafayette at eight. Ken Nelson drove my team and the Lafayette Church team, which included: Becca, Lindsey, Julie, Elizabeth, Matt and Caleb. It didn't seem like we had a lot of space in our van, but we managed! ;-)

At the Pentacostal camp, Eleni, Ross and Robert helped my team stain a deck around the back. It wasn't especially hard, though I did get stain all over myself. We worked there until around three or so, and then got picked up and did some lawn work with the other Lafayette team at the Nelson and Long homes. Both teams went to the Kessler's for dinner. We had angus burgers, homemade macaroni and cheese, veggies and pop. It was delicious.

Ruth, Becca, Lyndsi and I stayed the night at Pastor Long's house. We were having some theological discussions before going to bed, and right in the middle someone rang the doorbell and we discovered that the yard had been TPed and Forked, right before it started raining. We didn't stay up too late. In the morning, we ate, packed up all our junk and piled into their van to go to church. Service was encouraging. Pastor Long preached on self-control and then in Sunday school Mr. Kessler talked about John Calvin.

There was fellowship lunch after service, so our two groups ate and then piled back into the van to drive back to Indy for the life chain. It was good to stand downtown and protest a cause like abortion. Afterwards we went back to Northside and most everyone didn't stay for service. By the time I finally got home around 8:30pm, I was totally exhausted and ready to go to bed, but before I did, I told my parents all about my time. A big thanks to everyone who made FM such a success! The End.

Quote of the post:
"It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson


Jessica said...

Hey Ellie~
I'm glad you had a good time at Fall Minsistry. Those "ice breaker" games can be fun :-). At Esther's birthday party on Sunday, we played Four On A Couch, and it reminded me of SonRise.

elizabeth said...

hey, it was fun going to FMP with you. glad you had fun!

Lyndsi said...

Hey Ellie, it was so much fun being with you on the trip! I'm Glad both of us Had a BLAST!!
By the way...I wouldn't mind going to Lafayette again next year!!
Luv ya

Charity said...

I enjoyed reading your long post! :-) I'm glad you so enjoyed your time in Lafayette. Who can't help but love those church people?? I'm thankful for the two years that i got to go to FMP--even if they were both to the same place, they were both different and special and very memorable. :-D

Love you.

Andrew said...

great to know you guys actually DID something! lol, jk, glad you had fun, i really enjoyed it as well. it's prolly been one of my best fmp trips...