Thursday, April 13, 2006

Spring Fever

Somehow every spring I become a little less concentrated on serious things and a little more happy and energetic. I feel like doing my school outside and letting the wind blow in my face, or just like throwing all my books away and run off to do something more fun. What really depresses me though, is that since I've gotten older its just not normal to go outside and play. When I was little, I would call up my friends and say "you want to play house?" I spent so much time outside playing, my knees were always scrapped up or at least dirty. Now, I could call up my friends and say "lets play soccer," but that takes a lot of effort. It would seem so stupid if I called one of you guys up and asked if you wanted to go for a walk, maybe after a movie or shopping or something, but never just a walk. I know once its actually summer, there will be things like the State Fair, 4th of July at the Owens, spending all day at the pool. But by the time that comes along everybody will be working. *sigh* Anybody want to go do something outside with me soon?


Nick said...

Um...sure. What do you want to do?

SaraY said...

I don't think it's strange to ask someone to go for just a walk!!! I do it! OK, hmm, maybe that does mean it's strange...
anyway, when I get home you and I should definitely go for a walk!!

LeeAnn said...

Doing school outside is so much fun and it is amazing out there. My mom has this thing with us being outside during school hours though and that's when I like it the most!

Hey, I dont think its very strange either. Unless the person lives far away, then it is. Otherwise...go for it! I wish I lived closer....then we could go on walks all the time this summer. I hope will be able to do something of the sort soon (before I get a job and am never avalible for anything!). Love you :o).


Charity said...

I do!
I do!
Pick me, pick ME!!!!

Oh up time for walks and talks for me when I come back!!! I'm so happy that you're happy for spring! Too bad it's turning to Winter here. :-P And no snow to look forward to.. oh well. i'll try calling sometime this week. Let me know if any mornings would work for you because it's easier for me to call at night here! I love you and miss you!