Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Looks like rain...

Even though I always say I'm going to grow my hair out and then get long layers, I always end up getting annoyed and chopping it all off again. It never does get much past my shoulders. Anyway yesterday I got my hair cut and highlighted again. It doesn't look especially different, the highlights almost look natural, but I really do like the cut.

I have two papers to write this week, one on the French Revolution for my composition class and then one on Augustine's worldview. I'm actually starting my work earlier in the week which is good for me. :) So, I better end this so I can actually start writing. Talk to you all later!

Quote of the post:
"(Allie and Noah laying in the middle of the street)
Allie- What if a car comes?
Noah- We die."
- The Notebook


Charity said...

awwww, Ellie, that quote made me smile soo big!!! I mean, we both know there were some *ahem* problems with that movie, but that part is sooo cute and it just brought back memories of that night we watched it. Hehe remember your mom apologizing profusely for having that movie in your house? And then we went to Chicago for Biology and stuffed all those mints in our pockets and had deep dish pizza and... *sigh* soo much fun!

I STILL LOVE THIS SONG! Even if you didnt' update, I think I'd come to your blog every day just to hear it. :-) Love you! Maybe i'll call you now 'cause it's like 10:00 there and I don't got much to do at the moment...

ben? said...

never seen that movie (prolly never will) but the quote is worth remembering.

Nathaniel said...

"Chopping off hair" gives me a visual image of you guillotining your hair.

LeeAnn said...

I'm the same way when it comes to hair and such....very annoying aint it?

I love the quote and I loved that movie even though, heh yes, it was a little....well you know.

Good luck with your papers!! Love you and I'll hopefully see you tomorrow!!

kaitlyn said...

Hey Ellie,
I'm reading through people's blogs
right now and just wanted to stop and say "hi". That quote makes me laugh. It was a cute movie, I liked it (except some of the parts :o) Are you going to SONrise, if so, see ya there!