Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Lifeguard Training

The Riviera Club is offering a 2 lifeguarding classes, I'll be taking one of them, though I don't know which one yet, and I thought I'd mention it to all you people. Because 1) it's a great summer job and 2) you'll have the skill through the rest of your life.
Where: The Riviera Club
When: Class 1:
April 9 10-2
April 11-14 7-9pm
April 16 10-2
April 18-21 7-9pm
Class 2:
April 25-28 7-9
April 30 10-2
May 2-5 7-9pm
May 7 10-2
Requirement: Must be 15 and have to be able to swim 500 meters (20 laps)
I would LOVE it if anybody wanted to take the class with me. :) So just call me if you are interested.

And I have more good news, my divisional swim meet went really well! I didn't make the state cut, but I made it back to finals Saturday afternoon in the 200 breaststroke and then ended up getting 6th place and receiving a medal. It was very exciting, though when I came home I was really tired... and I had to miss Allen's party. :( Sorry Allen!
Question of the post:
If your best friend forgot you owe him $100 what would you do?


Beth said...

I would tell him/her to pay me!!! $100 dollars is alot.

Kevin said...

ya know, to me it really depends on the person. i they're somebody i really kno...i might just write it off....but if i didn't know the person very well...i's make them pay up!!

Josh said...

I so want to take a class like that.

I would ask a question about it on my blog to see if they remember and pay me back. Then I would be like "Hey, you got that 100 I loaned you?" Then I would look into brute squads and mafia, or just forget about it also.

Charity said...

Guys, the question is If your best friend forgot YOU OWE HIM $100, what would you do. So it's the question of whether you are going to give the money to him/her or not. I would have only borrowed the money if I knew I could pay it back, so even though it was my best friend, I would want them to trust me to give it back. So I would!

Kathryn said...

I would defiantly want it back!

Jessica said...

Yes, Ellie, I want to take the class with you! Do you know how much it costs?

As for the question, I would wait until I have enough money to pay him back, then I would suprise him with it.

Brad said...

I'd have to agree with Charity.

LeeAnn said...

hey, that's cool...wish I could do it, sadly I'm only 14. oh well...life goes on. my mom wants me to get a job at chick-fil-A, but I dunno yet....I have the right connections, like since my brother and sister work there...I'll decide sometime though. I have a while before I have to worry about that.

ok, yeah if I owed my best friend $100, I would prolly pay him back...cause I would never be able to live with myself for lying to him/her or something, well...not really that, but holding back what doesn't belong to me. basically, what Cherrio said ;).

Grace said...

hey I want to take a life guard class!! to bad i'm not 15 ! can you swim any stroke cause I can't swim anything but free but I can swim like 2 miles on that... maybe next year. * sigh*

I would totally pay back my best friend ! it's unfair not to !!

bek said...

I would take lifesaving with you... but I already have a job that I love!! Oh and I would soo pay back my best friend as soon as I got the money... But I would not want to borrow money from anybody in the first place, because the Bible says that if you borrow money from that person you are his slave until you pay it back.

~ Bekah