Sunday, February 27, 2005


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Today is Josh Groban's 24th birthday!!!!
Song of the Post: America by Paul Simon sung by Josh Groban

Life's good, I'm busy but that's always good too.... :)
Question of the Post:
Would you serve your homemade food to guests if you dropped it on the floor?


LeeAnn said...

I love Josh Groban, can't believe he's that old...hehe, j/k. he's old to peeps like us, right Ellie? ;) ok, I have to memorize those stupid lines, is good, but oh so hard to deal with sometimes. haha, I doubt I would ever even show the food to 'em!!

Alyssa said...

Well I hate to admit this in public but I might just serve food to guest if I drop it on the floor. Of course it all depends on the circumstances... and of course the guest. But ignorance is bliss...

SaraY said...

Well if it was something like carrots I would wash it off and serve it but if it was cake or something squishy, I probably wouldn't unless I spent all day in the kitchen making it. Ellie, you need to put my blog on your list!!

And congrats with the swimming thing!

Charity said...

That's an interesting question...prolly if I spent a long time on it. They'd never know. Haha. ;-) Josh Groban has a VERY nice voice...I haven't heard that much of him, but I've heard many people say they love him. So I may be part of that club eventually!

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