Thursday, March 17, 2005


Today is St. Paddy's Day!!!
This morning my little brother Daniel went and ran the Shamrock Run Downtown... 5 miles and his time was 40:56. He got first place in the 11 and under age group. And he received a glass beer mug... :)

On Monday our family got 12 duck eggs. Which are in incubator in my mom and dad's room. It should be fun to see them hatch, and when we have 12 little ducks running around our house, you should all come and see them. :)

EDIT: I also got a xanga site :) go here

Quote of the post:
If you're not using your smile, you're
like a man with a million dollars
in the bank and no checkbook.
•Les Giblin

Question of the post:
Should convicts be able to make money writing about their crimes?


Anonymous said...

hey ellie. thanxs!!! you the best! and i think that it should depend on what the convict did. but i don't think that my oppion counts very much. o well i love you ellie thanx again for the post! love you Daniel

Ellie said...

Your opinion matters... and your welcome... :)

Jessica said...

Yes, I think he should be able to make money off his story!

SaraY said...

It's the right to free speech! Way to go Daniel!

LeeAnn said...

go daniel!! aww, I'd love to see your ducks :). everyone keeps telling me I should get a xanga...what do you think? great quote!! and yes, I do believe they should be able to make money off their writing. well I think I have covered all that's there, hehe. I had a great time at your church, I'll cya tomorrow at classes!!! luv ya!

Anonymous said...

Great job Daniel! I think writing would be a good thing if it kept them out of the crime world.