Friday, March 25, 2005

90 things

There has been thing going around on people blocs where you make a list of things that end in the number of the last two digits of your year of birth.
So here goes:
1. My name : Elizabeth Ann Cutter
2. I go by Ellie
3. I'm a Christian
4. I attend 2nd Reformed Presbyterian Church
5. I've gone there my whole life
6. My life verse is: Philippians 1:27
7. I'm the oldest of 5
8. I have three brothers and 1 sister
9. My brother has down syndrome
10. He's very special
11. Andrew 13
12. Daniel 11
13. Philip 10
14. Jessica 6
15. I love them all
16. I've been home schooled my entire life
17. I've only moved once
18. When my parents bought our house it was really messed up
19. They had to fix it all up… and we’re still sort of doing that
20. My mom fell through the ceiling
21. I live in the basement
22. I share a room with Jessica
23. We have our own bathroom
24. My favorite color is purple
25. My room is purple
26. I have a cat named Kelly
27. I've had 2 dogs
28. Both of them died
29. Snow - 2001
30. Kate - 2003
31. I went to China for 3 months
32. When I was 12
33. I climbed the great wall
34. and saw the forbidden city
35. and can still count to ten in Chinese
36. I love to swim
37. My favorite stroke is breaststroke
38. I wake up at 4:30 to go to practice
39. I swim for the Riviera Club
40. My coach is Therese Love
41. I want to be a lifeguard this summer
42. I want to go to the Olympics someday
43. I love to sing
44. I'm in the Indianapolis Children’s Choir
45. I want to try out for American Idol
46. I want to record someday
47. I love Psalms
48. I love Pop
49. and I love Country
50. I got to sing at the Fina World Championships
51. I got to see Michael Phelps in person
52. and Brandon Hanson gave me his flowers
53. I went to ECHO last year
54. My dad lead the team
55. He has gone to ECHO 3 times
56. I hate Math
57. and yes I know its important
58. I'm taking Biology with Alaina Falk
59. I've learned a lot
60. But I hate Dissections
61. I've fainted 5 times
62. At the Pulliams - I knocked myself out
63. In my kitchen
64. At the state fair - I was watching a dog getting neutered
65. Believe me - you never want to see that
66. At the Enas's - I sliced my finger
67. And then very early in the morning at my house
68. I'm in the play "Little Women"
69. I'm Beth
70. I die
71. My description is: Plays Piano, Dies
72. I played the piano for 6 years
73. But I stopped when I was 11
74. I want to start a band
75. I hate running
76. I have lots of wonderful friends
77. that I wish I could name here but that would take too long
78. I love shopping
79. And I love trying on prom dresses
80. I've been in two weddings
81. which means I've been a flower girl twice
82. for Deb Samanda
83. and for Jennie Thompson
84. I have curly hair
85. I dyed my hair
86. I love coffee
87. but I probably drink too much of it
88. I would like to be a police officer when "I grow up"
89. No, not the kind that writes tickets
90. The detective kind
And that took a long time to write out...


Beth said...

That is really cool, Ellie!!!!!!!! :) See ya later.

Anonymous said...

So you're going to be an olympic swimmer/detective? Totally wierd !

By the way, does coffee really stain your teeth?

Anonymous said...

Great post Ellie!:)

Laura said...

hay cool list!

Ellie said...

yes... coffee does stain your teeth!

And who's anonymous?

LeeAnn said...

neato 90 things, I should do that. I'm pretty sure I knew most of that about you...cept a few perhaps. can't believe I got through that so quickly!! hehe, I'll cya later hun, love you!

SaraY said...

That was fun to read! I need to get around to doing that on my blog. Haha I'll only have 87... :-)

Charity said...

nice job! :-) I enjoyed reading it. Did it take you a while? It's a good list. Ttyl.

Victoria said...

Hey Ellie,
wow, you have sure done some awsome/weird things reminds me of some things ive done!!