Friday, January 25, 2008

Being Mature

I am positive that there is no magic age to be considered mature. defines it as: fully developed in body or mind, as a person. I've heard that some people never mature, and as adults they seem lacking in many ways, socially, but mostly in responsibility. My mom recently read an article that said that I cannot make really good decisions until I am 25, I guess the writers were trying to say something about consistency, but nobody makes good consistent decisions even after 25. So, does making good decisions have to do with being mature? I think it does, but what does that mean for me? I feel like me as a person doesn't really exist. Like yes, I can have ideas and opinions but if they aren't consistent with my parents, then they are bad, so my ideas and opinions don't really exist, so then I disappear, because I am basically defined by my ideas and opinions. Well, not completely because that wouldn't be honest, but the things that seem to matter to me and I want respect for, even if it is just a small "what do you think?" would make a huge difference to me. Thats all. If anybody is reading, please comment.


Martha said...

Maturing is something I've been struggling with as well, especially now that I'm finishing high school and trying to make decisions about my future. However, I've learned that it's a process, and it doesn't happen all at once. (I'm sure you've heard the saying about learning something new every day.)

I'm sure this didn't give you any answers at all, but maybe I can reassure you by telling you that I don't think I've reached maturity...yet.

By the way, I ran across your blog and was excited to see you started updating! This is interesting.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm excited that you've started writing again!

Personally, I guess "being mature" is made up. No one will ever be fully developed in body and mind. Probably the closest we can come to it in this life is the process of becoming more and more mature. I mean, think about it. The early people in the Bible lived hundreds of years, and they still messed up. How can we hope to surpass them in the little time we have? Jesus was the only Mature human on this earth. But cheer up. We'll be 'grown up' finally in the New Earth.

And about you and your parents, I can understand somewhat. I was watching a movie called Wives and Daughters (very good, you chould see it), and one of the characters says this: "if I'm to kill myself, as it were, trying to think and behave as other people want me to I feel I might as well never have lived." I thought it was a good quote.

Alyssa said...

Sounds to me like you're suffering from being unheard and insignificant! I have to say that being your age is probably part of the problem. Very few people respect you when you're that age. (And believe it or not getting married doesn't really change much)

And as far as maturity goes it it's definatly a process and I don't think its an achieved status as much as it is a way of thinking. People who actually admit their not as mature as they should be are probably more mature than most. I think it has a lot to do with the way you make decisions and handle responsibility. I don't think that it means you never make mistakes, but rather how you handle yourself when you make a mistake, or get in trouble. Controling your emotions and reactions is definatly a sign of maturity.

I have a feeling that the age 25 does not automatically mature you... (how could you explain the insane amount of 25+ yrs old bums all around) but society suddenly looks at you as a credible source, given you've live a quarter of a century and all! I don't really know. But don't give up because someday you will be heard and people won't think you're insignificant.

I'm sorry that your parents don't respect your opinion more, but then not many parents do. Mine surely never did.

Michelle said...

Hey! I didn't realise you were writing again, well done. Not sure if there is much I can add, the others have made some great comments. I'll just say I'm 25 now and I'm still struggling to decide if I'm making the right decisions and I still don't feel very significant in the grand scheme of things. But I feel like I had to mature quicker than other people my age. Parents have a good deal to do with it, but also the circumstances I was in. Hang in there.