Monday, January 21, 2008


I suppose nothing is really supposed to feel different as a Christian who turns eighteen. I still live under my parents roof, and so I kinda still have to obey them or else they may kick me out. Its never been like my parents have been super strict or super lenient, but its not going to be like suddenly they stop caring and just let me go where ever I want or do what I want as long as its legal. I've always thought it was going to be a big deal, suddenly I could tell my parents that I was an adult and make my own decisions, but not really. I don't feel any different, and I'm still treated as a child. I'm ready to go and make a difference with my life, and I'm tired of being told that I'm not old enough, but when will I be old enough? When am I expected to make good decisions? I guess I'm just at a major in between stage and again I am just called to wait.

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