Wednesday, May 10, 2006


My daddy picked me up from Dr. Blackwood's this afternoon and it was raining. One of the windshield wipers on his truck is broken and so the wiper part itself is missing so the metal pole just sticks straight out from the windshield. All the way home the pole just waved back and forth in mid-air and it made me smile. I wonder how many people thought we were weird? :)

The forecast says that its going to rain for the next 4 days. I do love rain, especially when I get to become soaking wet with my friends, but somehow just the thought of rain for the next several days isn't a very happy thought. :-/

I do have good news to announce though, Elizabeth Enas has joined the blogging world!
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Song of the post:
"To make you feel my love" by Garth Brooks

Quote of the post:
"Little drops of rain
Whisper of the pain
Tears of love
Lost in the days gone by"
- Unknown


ben? said...

oh rain. can't stand it when it's overcast, but rain is my favoritest thing ever.

Becca said...

Hey Ellie, I am a bit sad that it going to rain forever, especailly since my garden may be hurt in the process, but I agree that rain is a beautiful thing.

Tamara Rose said...

you profile pic is soo beautiful Ellie! You are so Beautiful Ellie! I miss you! ;)

I love thunderstorms when i'm with friends, and I love rain when i play in it with friends, but Thunderstorms are scary without friends, and playing in the rain by yourself ins't any fun ether. So if we allways had friends by our side then the world wouldn't be so scary maybe, and even when the world is real scary you would have a friend beside you to hold your hand and face it wiht you!

The world is a whole lot better with friends, especially when they are great friends like you!

Love you Ellie!

Nathaniel said...

Our forecast at the beginning of the week was sixteen days of rain. SIXTEEN! Imagine what that will do to our mowing business!

Charity said...

I agree with what Tamara said.

Ohhh, Ellie, I wish I could go and get soaked in the rain with you! Every time you post about rain it makes me want to... But i can settle for doing it with my sisters for now. :-)