Monday, May 08, 2006

Not much...

to report.

I’m still writing my paper on Les Miserables and the French History surrounding it for composition; I have my last Worldview paper to write this week; two tests to take for Algebra and then three more weeks – 6 classes – of Spanish. *sigh* Somehow I don’t feel that close to being done, though I am so extremely excited to be finished.

I just finished a wonderful book called Riding the Bus with My Sister. It is a story about two sisters; Beth who is mentally retarded and rides the bus all day all year round and Rachel who takes time off her job as a teacher to ride the bus with Beth. I can easily relate to Rachel because I also have a sibling with special needs. One point that struck me was when she talked about how it hurt her when people casually say “oh I’m so retarded” to make whatever stupid thing they did seem less stupid. Maybe it was said unconsciously, but it doesn’t give much consideration for those who are truly retarded. Anyway, it definitely helped me understand the way my brother and other children like him respond to different situations in life. There were many good points in this book and I recommend it to everyone.

Quote of the post:
Maria: What is it?
Harriet Miller: Its a bundt.
Maria: A bun?
Harriet:A bundt
Maria A Bondt?
Maria: I know, its a cake!....(to friend) there's a hole in this cake.
- My Big Fat Greek Wedding

I watched this movie yesterday with my brother, this quote is not nearly as funny written down as it is in the movie itself, but when I was watching the movie I couldn't stop laughing it was so hilarious. :-P

Song of the post:
"A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton


Charity said...

Yesss I love this song! Bring back so many memories of me and Mary Ray "singing" it at the top of our lungs! haha.

Don't worry, you'll finish school and have a wonderful summer break soon enough. :-)

That sounds like a good book. I hate it when people call themselves or other people "retarded". Hehe funny quote! That is a hilarious movie. (well...some parts of it)

LeeAnn said...

I'll pray you do a good job with school and that it isn't very stressful for you! It seems like a lot and a long time, but I bet if there wasn't something to look forward to we wouldn't be stressing out as much. you know what I mean?

That does sound like a good book....I'll have to look it up at our library :o).

lol, that movie is great...brings back memories.

Nathaniel said...

A group of us watched it one night last semester at Geneva. You should have heard my roommate, Tony Mastris (from the Larnaca church) remarking on it :-)

Daniel said...

nice quote! lol :-P