Wednesday, August 03, 2005


You know those summer days where you don't have any concept of time, you don't have to be anywhere at a certain time and you just go and go without really realizing how much time your taking. Kinda like when your having fun time goes by quickly -

Yesterday I went to morning practice. Then I went to the Emporium with Chris and Charlie, we walked back to Rivi. I had to walk over to the Young's house since I was going shopping with them so Charlie kept me company. We happened to meet Charlie's dad who owns the Baskin Robbins that's close and he gave us free milkshakes. I finally got to the Youngs around 10:00am and then we left straight and went to Castleton.

We went into so many stores I can't even count, mostly expensive "I'd never buy anything there" stores. :) We even went in Sax, where Sara bought a sweatshirt for like $50 that was originally like $105. ( she had a gift card ) It was really fun pretending we could actually afford to buy a pair of sweatpants for 80 bucks. When we went to Old Navy I actually bought something, jeans and this really cool short-sleeved sweatshirt. Last we went to Kohls and I bought one of the those hanging door things. I'm not going to try to describe it, just come over and you can see it. :)

Funny thing is, we did all this and we really had no concept of time. We were in Kohls and we realized that it was like 5:00pm. So sadly I had to come home - though I do have to admit my feet were kinda tired, though really that might have had something to do with swim team. :)

Today I went to practice, our last one till next week. And then I came home and went to my ortho appointment. That was interesting, they want to put this plastic thing in my mouth, I don't know what its called but its not a retainer. Anyway its supposed to correct my jaw, and I really want to get it. But its kinda gonna cost alot so my parents have to talk about it.

I went to work from 3 - 8. Today it was actually fun. Jessica and I stayed after the pool closed and we around breaking all the rules. Going over the lane-lines and down the little kid slide. I did want to have a party there, but I don't think that's going to happen this summer. The next few weekends are all kinda full and I don't know if peoples parents would let them come if it was during school. Anyway I guess we'll have to see.

And that's about it. For once I actually wrote a somewhat long post. Be proud of me! :) And a reminder: I LOVE comments!

Quote of the post:
"Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like an orange." -Unknown

Song of the post:
"Somebody's Hero" Jamie O-Neal


Nathan said...

I had to read this quote twice 'fore I "got it", but it's hilarious nonetheless.

Jessica said...

Ha ha funny quote!!! Shopping was awesome!

SaraY said...

I love comments too. :-) thanx
Yeah, shopping was fun! Time flew...not like an orange tho.

Rebecca said...

Yes, carefree summer days...I remember those. :) Enjoy every one of them.

LeeAnn said...

I dont get the quote......

Abby said...

I love when I don't have to worry about time and can just do whatever....wandering around stores sounds fun. :) But yeah, it really only happens in the summer when I don't have much to do.

I'm proud of you, Ellie, for your l o o o ng post! lol!!

Nathaniel said...

The quote is from Groucho Marx in one of the Marx Brothers movies, I believer Animal Crackers. By the way, in the movie, fruit flies like a banana, not an orange :-)