Monday, August 08, 2005

State Fair

Remember how last year a bunch of us went to the fair and we had a really great time and we said, "let's do it again next year"? (Some of us did anyway...) Well, that time has rolled around again and Sara Young is trying to get a group together to go on Thursday the 11th. She's planning on going there early that morning to watch Bethany Fisher's horse show at 8am. If anyone's interested in seeing that, let her know! Then we might go home for a while and go back late afternoon/night time. They're running a special on rides that day at the Midway--unlimited rides for $20, from noon to eleven pm. that sounds fun :-). So, basically, whatever time people want to come is fine with us. Somebody will be there. And hopefully a bunch of us can all hang out together! The best way to get a hold of Sara is her cell, 217.0218, or you can just comment, etc. :) I love the state fair so much, but its not fun unless lots of people come.

Last night I had a blast with alot of older people. Jacob Fisher, Bekah Nelson, Julie Neel, Ana Marie Magnuson and I went to Starbucks after church, I have to admit that Jacob is very fun to ride with. We had a good conversation, we talked about music forever which was really fun. But I did decide that its not good to drink a venti coffee frapppechino (sp) before trying to go to bed. lol It took me forever to go to sleep last night. So anyway I'm pretty tired and I'll probably take a nap later this afternoon. And again - I love comments! :)

Quote of the post:
"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God." -Corrie Ten Boom


Charity said...

Hey!! Sorry I haven't commented in forever! Thanks for all the comments on my blog. :-) I definitely want to try to go to the State Fair. I don't want to go with TOO big a group, though...I mean, I love going with people, but what's the point of going with a ton of people if we all prolly won't even all want to do the same things. I'll ask my siblings and my parents about the 11th. I really want to do the unlimited rides thing again - that's what we did last year. I LOVE that quote, by the way. And I love comments, too! And I love you! haha. :-D

Andrew said...

Hey since i am going to be at the state fair 24/7 anyway (literally i will be there, like, all the time) you guys should drop by our concession stand and by elephant ears or somthin.

Nathan said...

Anyone that listens to that song must have lower moral standards than I! jk

LeeAnn said...

state fair sounds great! I hope I'll be able to go.:) we need to do something this weekend, k? love you!!

ben said...

hey ellie, state fair sounds like alot of fun, i hope i will be able to go. who else is going?