Thursday, December 02, 2004


Thurdays are always busy! I usually go to swim-team from 5:15-6:30 because we actually swim on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but this morning I didn't go... I stayed home and studied for my Biology test, which went okay, but enough about school.

I read this story out of a Hebrew's commentary, I almost cried at the end... here it is:

Years ago a friend invited me to the kickoff luncheon for the Rose Bowl game in Pasadena where I heard a newscaster tell this story. He told of a famous football coach in the East. The coach had a player to was known for two things. The first thing he was noted for was his faithfulness at football practice. He was the first one our and the last one to leave, but he never could make the team- he just wasn't quite good enough. The second thing he was famous for was that his father often visited him on campus and they would be seen walking arm in arm across campus, very much engrossed in conversation. Everyone noticed that and thought it was wonderful. Well, one day the coach got a telegram saying that the boy's father had died. The coach was the one chosen to tell the sad news to the boy, and so he called him in and told him.The boy was greatly shaken, of course, and had to go home for the funeral. But he was present at the next game, sitting there on the bench. Then he came over to the coach and said, " Coach, this is my forth and last year, and I've never played in a game. I'm wondering if you could put me in for just a few minutes and let me play." And so the coach put him in because the boy's father had just died. To his amazement, the boy turned out to be a star! The coach had never seen anyone play a better, a more brilliant game than this boy played - so he never took him out of the game. When the game was over, the coach called the boy off to the side and said to him, " Listen, I've never seen anyone play like you played today, but up to today you were the lousiest player I've ever seen. I want an explanation. " And the boy said, " Well coach, you see, my dad was blind, and this is the first day that he ever saw me play football."

Isn't that a sad, but happy story at the same time? I really like it. That's about all I have to say.
Question of the day:
What is your favorite book of the Bible?


Charity said...

Awwww I love that!! That is sooo great! favorite book of the Bible is Psalms. It's so uplifting and encouraging and I can sing it as praise to God!! :-D Ttyl, Ellie!

Alyssa said...

Hey Ellie,

I love that story, mind if I 'steal' it?
I don't know if I can say I have a favorite book of the Bible, but I think the closest I'd come to choosing one would be Isaiah. Then Hebrews, and Psalms...

Love ya!

Ellie said...

I don't mind if you steal the story, just as long as you say you found it on my blog, because not very many people read it!!!

Anonymous said...

Good story!