Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Happy Birthday Philip!!

Today is my little brother Philip's birthday! He's 10.
This weekend I have a big swim meet at the nat! I should be excited, but I'm not. This time Therese only signed me up for events on Friday and Saturday, and the one event that I really liked last time ( the 50 free ) is on Sunday! :(
So, on Friday I'm swimming the 500 free, for non-swimming people that is 20 laps. The time on the sign-up sheet thingy said 7:06:89, today I went and swam to see if I could make that time, and I'm not sure, I swam the 500 3 times, because I'm also having problems with the flip turns, that's 18 flip turns. So anyway you can pray for me that my 500 would go well.
The rest of my events: 200 free, 100 fly, 100 breast, 100 free, I'm not worried about, unless they are in a different order and I have to swim the 100 fly last, I don't think i'd be able to get my arms out of the water the last 25.
That's about all, I can't wait for Christmas break and WC! :) TTFN
Question of the day:
What's your favorite sport? - Swimming
Why? - Because I love it/ and I'm bad at every other sport! :)


Brad said...

Happy Birthday Philip!
Have fun swimming!

Charity said...

My favorite sport that I can sort of do...would be biking. Which I COULD sorta kinda decently do for a bit...but I've slacked of a TON. I also love watching basketball. (Not really on T.V., though!) Happy birthday, Philip! I hope you do well in your swimming! I'm sure you will! :-)

Anonymous said...

Favorite Sport: Volleyball!
Why: Takes alot of skill and I am up for that challenge!

Anna said...

I can never decided what my favorite sport is over all. Probably either tennis, swimming or basketball. I really wish I could be on your swim team. It would be so cool! I'm sure you'll do well in the meet.

bek said...

Um.... Mine would diffantly be FOOTBALL!!!
Prob cause thats the only one I'm good at cause you have to be very aggresive.


SaraY said...

Haha I knew who said that before I even looked who it was by.

My fav=Horseback riding! It is a sport! (how do you know? bc if you do it for a long time your muscles hurt! and not only you-know-where!)

Jessica said...

My favorite sport is surfing! Ellie, once you try it, you'll like it more than swimming! Thats what I think any way, but who am i to say that since i've never surfed? :) But you can tell its fun in the movies and stuff!

Grace said...

happy realllllly late b-day philip !!
my favorite sport, as you all know, is running, but i also love swimming [even thiugh i'm not very good at it]
and i really like biking too! well now that swim meet is over and ofcourse you did really superdooperly well !