Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Girl with only ONE pearl earring.

I feel very un-responsible, and have an overwhelmingly uncharacteristic sense of loss. Today, would have been like any other day I wore those earrings. I wanted to look a little nicer for my student observation, and they reminded me of my family. Plus, they give me a certain air that I like. Its classy, just like my mom, like Shannon and like Avery to wear pearls. 

Sadly, at the end of today, I only possess one pearl earring. Somewhere between my rushing out the door, my trip to the library and my classes this morning I have lost one pearl earring. Maybe what is most distressing is that it was an entrusted gift that I did not guard with my life. I was probably supposed to wear those earrings for my wedding and now, I cannot. How distressing. How very saddening. I almost cried. What is maybe even more sorrowful, is that I don't think anyone would turn in a lone pearl earring. They would not know the love, the care and the memories that are attached to that one pearl. I apologize mom, for losing that gift. I am praying that somehow it will appear in an unexpected place. 

The end. 

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