Saturday, February 17, 2007


I've come to realize that my last kiss: wasn't really sincere coming from Daniel.

I am listening to: the silence of my house before anyone else wakes up.

I talk: and I usually hope people will listen.

I love: people who don't always love me back.

My best friend: won't answer her phone when I try to call her.

Number six is: the evil number. (don't quote me on that)

I hate it when people: use something that I'm struggling with against me.

Love is: real.

Marriage: is something for the future.

Somewhere, someone: is being productive.

I'll always: be me.

I have a secret crush: but you aren't allowed to know.

The last time I cried was because: writing papers is incredibly depressing.

My cell phone: has a name, it is Horatio.

When I wake up in the morning: I make myself a hot cup of coffee.

Before I go to bed: I usually talk on the phone.

Right now I am thinking about: all the thinks I have to accomplish today.

Babies are: beautiful, but loud.

I go on MySpace: but tend to become annoyed.

Today I: slept until eight.

Tonight I will: watch a German movie. I don't speak German.

Tomorrow I will: attend church.

I really want to be: truly alive.

Someone who will most likely repost this is: someone who finds it amusing.


ruthypoo said...

I hope you weren't talking about me! : ) sorry if you were. Ok, so I need to come over and put some pics up on my facebook. Ok? Ok. Love ya

Charity said...

I love you!

I can't believe I missed this post...I thought you were never going to update again. :o)

I usually answer the phone...I just put you on hold. Oops. hehe, you're on the phone right now...with Cathy and Tamara. I'll try to steal the phone again.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Mind if I copy and post something like this on my blog?