Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Harry Potter???

I don't know how many of you have read the Harry Potter books. I know there is definitely some tension surrounding them because of the whole wizard / witch issue and the magic surrounding them. This summer I decided I was going to read them and I just finished the fifth one. All the books are captivating, as they keep you wondering what's coming next. I became thoroughly engrossed in the fifth one and even got tears in my eyes when one of my favorite characters was killed. According to one person I talked to about the books, "Harry Potter does not have a strong distinction between good and evil, good does not always triumph over evil." I agree with this because obviously God is in control and we don't need magic, which would make the wizards and witches evil, coming at it that way. However I also disagree. In this fictional series there are both good and bad wizards, and even though the evil does win sometimes, good is always victorious at the end of the book. Personally, I found them very agreeable. I would like to know your opinions on this, because its a somewhat touchy subject in Christian circles.

Quote of the post:
"It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." - Professor Dumbledore


Lyndsi said...

Hey Ellie,
i think you have a good point over the subject, although good does over come evil in the end!!
Hoever, i have a question, who
dies? Does Ron die, cause he's my favorite characte!!!
well anyway talk to you later

Lyndsi said...

HI again, i just read my comments on ballet. I would love for you to come watch. Hey would you want to help me teach if i have more than like...... 8 kids? i'll teach you the bacics and you will be great!!!
it would probobly help me, and both of teaching it would be double the fun!!!
well i'll talk to you more about it in person.K.

Nathan said...

I don't have a problem with Harry Potter. I mean, what's the difference between Potter and Lord of the Rings? I've just had no interest in reading the books..

loran said...

i'll try not to miss ya'll too
much!!!:[ talk to you later.

Ellen said...

I agree with you the Harry Potter books are a great read. They have been banned and condemended in most coservative Christian circles even though the ones who are banning them havn't actually read the books themselves. The key word when talking about Harry Potter is fiction. Fiction like Lord of the Rings and Narnia and other "magic influenced" books that are commonly celebrated by Christians.

theCaptain said...

Heya friend, just saying hiya and I have nothing intelligent to say right now (surprised?? ha), so, um: love ya! __amy

SaraY said...

Oh dear another Harry Potter discussion...Personally I am disturbed by the whole wizard/magic thing, but I haven't read the books, so I can't really say if they're good one way or the other.
See you soon I hope!!!!!!! Before I leave?

Charity said...

my dad prefers us not to read them because he doesn't like it when witches are portrayed to be good instead of evil. I've only read tiny bits of them myself, but I may really get into them one day.....just probably not in the really near future. :-) i'll talk to you sometime soon, Ellie! I gotta tell you all about my lovely snowboarding time! hehehe. I love you and miss you sooo much!!

Nathaniel said...

Two major differences between Tolkien's Gandalf (and other similar wizards) and various people in Rowling are their natures and their methods. While the various witches and wizards are good or bad, they are portrayed (in my mind) as being normal people who just happen to have these special abilities. Meanwhile, in Tolkien, there's no question about Gandalf: although he may seem to be normal, when you study Tolkien more you realize that he's not a normal person and never has been. As a Maia, he is a good angel.
Good characters in Tolkien rarely commit evil, and when they do (for example, Túrin and Nienor, or Peregrin with the Palantír) the evil is seen and condemned as such, and punishment results. Harry sometimes violates the rules (such as some of his uses of his father's cloak, or certain potion-making) and doesn't get in trouble, and Rowling seems to approve of his actions.

That said, I have read all six of the Harry Potter books and look forward to reading #7 whenever it comes out. I understand the cautions many people have about the books, although the only one I consider of merit is the one about Harry's character, which I mentioned above. As such, I can see it being a problem for children and immature Christians, but for mature Christians who can see through the problematic viewpoint and for nonChristians whose spiritual state won't be affected by the book I see no problem. I do not consider the book insidious enough that Christian children should never be permitted to read it, although I believe such children should be supervised in such reading.

Nathaniel said...

Wow, I just sat down and wrote that: I didn't realize how long it was!

Nathaniel said...

Before going to Ireland, we had an actual clock on the north wall of the room. After returning, we moved the clock to the east wall and placed the painting on the north wall. There is no clock in the painting.
I wasn't sure whether you were joking or if I hadn't expressed myself properly about that clock. I guess now you have more information, whether you expected it or not :-)

Cathy said...

HARRY POTTER! One of my favorite subjects:)#6 is GREAT too.

elizabeth said...

I think another difference between HP and LOTR is that LOTR is clearly a fantasy, and HP is written with enough real-life stuff that it could almost be true, if we believed in magic.