Monday, June 19, 2006


There are two especially nice things about being a life guard. 1) Even when its +90 degrees out, I can always remind myself that I am getting a tan, and 2) when it storms I usually get to go home! Which is what just happened, almost as soon as I got to work the sky started to get dark and the wind started blowing harder, the only thing I really got to do was to put down the umbrellas and take the lost & found and the towels inside. Chris - my boss - said he'd call me later if he needed me to come back, but that won't be until at least five. I suppose I could be mad because I'm not getting any hours, but truthfully I don't really mind.

Verse of the post:
"The LORD will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O LORD, endureth for ever: forsake not the works of thine own hands." - Psalm 138:8


Mariaj said...

I love storms!! We haven't had one since we have been here. It does rain a lot, but rarly is there lightning or thunder. I commented below.

Nathaniel said...

We had those storms come through late last night. A transformer on our street was blown up, and we lost power for about 1½ hours. You can imagine the scene, as the lightning struck the transformer after most of the storm had passed: we're watching the TV, suddenly everything goes off, and less than a second later there is a great clap of thunder :-)

SaraY said...

I liked that really really liked it. Thanks for picking it!! :-)
See you soon I hope!!

Charity said...

I love the song!!

beautiful verse.

I'm jealous of your tan (even though I can't SEE you right now ;-)) I wish I could come play in the storm with you. Did you end up having to go back to work?

I commented on all the posts below, so don't forget to look at them! I love you, Ellie!