Thursday, June 15, 2006

Home Again

We're back. Suddenly I feel like I have no life.

This ECHO trip was so different than both the ones that I went on before. Although there were definitely times that it was hard to have a good attitude, God taught me so much! The interns were incredibly fun this year and they were so encouraging to me because they were so on fire for God! I am also closer to my friends, ECHO is definitely one of those places where you build friendships that will last for a lifetime. This year though, I am going to be much more diligent about keeping up with those friendships! I can't wait for Covie to see you all again, I miss you so much and luv you all! :)

Song of the post:
"You are Holy" - Michael W. Smith
- This is the only version that I could find that was even kinda close to the song we sang the entire ECHO trip. I LOVE it so much because I feel so close to God when I sing it.


LeeAnn said...

welcome back hun.....


Charity said...

I already left a comment on your xanga, but I echo what Mary said.

Welcome home.

but I still miss you.

Nathaniel said...

I'd like to go to Covfamikoi, but I'll be in Oklahoma.