Saturday, February 11, 2006


I am reading No Little People by Francis Schaeffer, this week the chapter was about the Weaknesses of God's Servants. Schaeffer goes into great detail about how terrible utopianism is. A utopian is a person who believes in impossibly idealistic social perfection or spiritual perfection. Utopianism is terribly cruel because it expects the impossible from people. Its bad in a marriage relationship, a parent-child relationship, in friend relationships, pastor- church relationships and in one's relationship with himself . One side makes up an image of the other and expects them to be just like that image, demanding more than is possible to give. Here's Schaffer's quote: "If we demand, in any of our relationships, either perfection or nothing, we will get the nothing." I definitely think this is something we need to be reminded of once in a while. Sin is sin and we shouldn't try to explain it away, but having a standard that is too high is also wrong. Can you guys tell me what you think about this please?

Yesterday I was able to go snowboarding with my friends! I had a blast. I drove with the Youngs down and back. It was Jessica's first time snowboarding so she had to learn from the beginning, but I think everyone that went had a good time. Today I am really sore, my butt hurts, my arms hurt, my knees hurt and my neck, head... all of me. lol. But, despite the soreness I want to go again this winter. That means we need to plan another trip soon.

Quote of the post:
"Pain is no evil unless it conquers us."

Song of the post:
"May it be" by Enya


Jessica said...

Yes, I think Utupianism is definately wrong, although I don't know too much about it. Snowboarding was awesome! Although I'm really sore... But we do need to go again this year!!

charityandmaria said...

I wish I could've gone snowboarding again this year!! :-(
I'm glad you had fun, though. I remember how sore I was last year.

I'm still waiting for your letter! hehe. Love you!

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