Friday, February 03, 2006


I was reading some of my old posts and I remember loving this when I posted it before, so here it is again. I changed several, but it still shows the way I feel right now.

I am not: normal
I hurt: deep in my soul
I love: with my whole heart
I hate: sin
I hope: in God
I hear: voices in my head
I crave: coffee
I cry: every night
I always: dream
I long to: grow up
I feel alone: in this world
I listen: but I don't hear anything
I hide: where no one can find me
I drive: everyone crazy
I sing: and can't stop
I dance: with you
I search: for meaning
I feel: sad
I fail: constantly
I sleep: when my mind and body are tired
I need: a hug
I am: scared
I think: so I can do right
I exist: to glorify God in everything I do

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