Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Do you or do you not agree with this quote? Why?
"God helps those who help themselves." - Benjamin Franklin

I read this little article in today's newspaper and I thought it would be interesting to post some of it. Its talking about the top ten beverages that Americans drink daily.

- Bottled Water, 72 percent
- Soft Drinks, 62 percent
- Milk, 61 percent
- Coffee, 61 percent
- Fruit Juices, 51 percent
- Black Tea, 31 percent
- Vegetables Juices, 17 percent
- Green Tea, 15 percent
- Beer, 14 percent
- Hard Liquor, 10 percent

I think that it's very good to see that water is on the top of the list, hopefully that will stay on top. I was surprised that coffee is the same percent as milk. Apparently we are becoming more dependent on caffeine. Comments are appreciated!!!! :)


Luke weathers said...


SaraY said...

I agree with the quote to some extent. I don't think we should go jumping off roofs and saying that God will save us. I believe He can save us, but if we're stupid like that, He isn't necessarily going to.
On the other hand, believing too much in the power of man is VERY unhealthy for you. We can never forget who is really in charge! We have smart brains, etc. because of God and only because of Him.
See ya later Ellie! May God bless you!

Luke weathers said...

don't be soooooooooooooo RUDE

Nathaniel said...

Last night, at the usual "Dessert and Devoitions" program of Geneva RPC, we discussed the ending of I Timothy. A (nonserious) comment was made that said that we should reduce our use of bottled water. After all, Paul tells Timothy to "Stop drinking only water, and use a little wine..."

James said...

Why are comments appreciated?

Ellie said...

Comments are appreciated because I've put my thoughts down and I want to know what people think about them!!!

So James, do you agree or disagree with the quote?

btw, thanx for the comment! :)

Edwin Allen Henry said...
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Charity said...

I agree with Allen for the most part. Bottled water (and Starbucks) are way ove ! :-P

And as far as the quote... I don't think I agree. It is true that we should have an 'active faith' in that we don't just sit around. Although, He doesn't need our help to help us. (If that makes any sense...)

Hope you're having a good day, Ellie. We still need to talk sometime. Soon.

Ellie said...

Okay Allen - Thank you for your very long comment! To explain myself a litte: When I said I thought that it was good that bottled water was on top, I guess I meant that it is good that the US isn't drinking as much pop. And considering how much of the US is obese, I think water (even if it is bottled) is much healthier and is a better choice for us.

But I do agree that buying bottled water is dumb, and that Starbucks is over-rated! But that doesn't mean that I don't like it! :)

Charity - Yes we do need to talk soon! I hope you have a wonderful weekend in Lafayette if I don't get to talk to you before you go! :) Love you!!! :)

Any more opinion's on the quote?

Nathan said...

I'd agree with Allen on the bottled water, although it does come in handy, say on a bus ride home from an XC meet or such cases like that. But to drink it when water bottles, tap water, and the like are available than it is an absolute waste of money. And I hate Starbucks - I've been inside one of those stores only once. Wow - the overpriced junk they sell, the "we-think-were-cool-and-mature-but-in-all-actuality-we-arent't" crowd they attract, etc. I'm proud to say I've only consumed 1 teency sip of that horrid stuff they call coffee.

Daniel C said...

Lets go nathan!! I don't like coffee!!!!

Charity said...

over-ra.ted was what it was supposed to say - not 'ove'.

And I don't dislike Starbucks because I dislike coffee ('cause I love the stuff!), I dislike it because it's over-ra.ted and overpriced and I'm just as happy with cheap coffee at home! :-D

Oh and, Ellie, I'll try to call you tonight. We just finished cleaing our house (the realtor is coming any time to take pictures of our house) and I have to do school before I can call anyone.

Hmm... I should probably end this comment and get back to the worldviews that was I working on! ;-)

Tamara Rose said...

yeah i really don't like coffey! And i don't like watter in a bottle! well if i am really thirsty and some one has it then i will drink it but other wise i wont buy it! and i wont bye coffey! i absalutly coffey! i can tast the smallest amout in any thing!! ok well bye

Josh said...

Only drink water in an airplane if it comes in a bottle. The other stuff dosen't even meet city standards.

Edwin Allen Henry said...

I deleted my commment 'cause I decided to make it into a post, soya know.. So comment on my blog about it if you do so desire!

Anonymous said...

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